Posted by on Apr 7, 2011

In Spring i did some courses at

– crafting the Scene: workshop for editing
– background fundamentals: general course about workflows mit Red, Canon Dslr, Alexa, general production- and postproduction topics
– Secrets of Paint and Roto: rotoscoping techniques, retouching, painting etc.
– Nuke Intermediate: The Foudry Nuke, node based compositing System, multichannel Compositing, render passes, 3d tracking, keying etc.

I have to say i´m a big fan of FxPhd. The people teching are well selected specialists in their field, the community is nice and helpful, also you get quite a lot for what you pay.
I also like the fact, that you can view all of the first 2 classes, gibting you the possibilities to peek into other fields as well and getting some impression and inspiration.