Posted by on Sep 17, 2015

High quality historic film scans:

Over the last eight years I was working on a variety of historic film restoration projects.
The clips are sorted into different categories:

  • film leaders -tails
  • writing on film
  • dust on film
  • whole frames
  • film burns

Everything is historic film material, ranging from 1910 up to the 70ies, but mostly between 1920 to 1950.
All the material was obtained directly from professional film scanners (mostly Arriscan) from 2k or 4k 10 bit dpx files. The material will be delivered in Prores 422, mostly in 2k in a few cases in HD. Prores 4444 is also available, but due to the filesize only upon special request.
Of course there is no watermark, nor text in the downloaded clip.

Have a look and feel free to contact me:

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