Posted by on Jul 14, 2014

I was working as a DIT  and doing the color grading for “Schwitzen – Sweat”

Ein Film von Iris Blauensteiner
Österreich 2014, 30 min

© 2014 Iris Blauensteiner / Daniela Praher Filmproduktion

director:  Iris Blauensteiner
producer: Daniela Praher
camera: Carolina Steinbrecher
editing: Linda Reif

“Sweat” tells the last three days of a friendship between two girls. They live in a quiet village in the countryside. They are roaming through the surroundings, they go to parties, they watch videos and swim in the lake. Angry about the accustomed they develop new, unexpected power. And start to act it out.

It was filmed with an Arri Alexa, i did the DIT work and created daylies on set. The final film was graded and Blackmagic Resolve and was distributed via DCP.